Filmed BBC Arts Season on the Novel

BBC Arts launches ‘ambitious’ new season celebrating the novel

”BBC Arts is launching an “ambitious new season” across BBC TV and radio this autumn with a year-long festival celebrating the novel and a series on how novels have shaped the world.

The centre piece of the season will be the three part BBC Two Series, “The Novels That Shaped Our World”. The series will examine the novel from three unique perspectives: Empire and slavery, women’s voices and working class experiences.  These unique films will argue that the novel has always been a revolutionary agent of social change spearheading shifts in both colonial and post-colonial attitudes, female equality and social mobility.”

I did some filming for this in London. Look out for it later this year. Read more about it here.


“I devoured it in a day, but I’ve thought about it for many, many more.”
Bailey’s Prize-winner Lisa McInerney
“A triumph of storytelling. An absolute gem.”
Donal Ryan



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