25 May, International Literature Festival, Dublin

 Words Ireland @ ILFDublin: A National Day for Writers

Writers confirmed so far…

Kit de Waal | Alan Titley | John Boyne | Selina Tusitala Marsh | Dani Gill | Julia Bird | Stephen James Smith | Angela Nagle | Ashleigh Young | Paul McVeigh | Sarah Webb | Oisín McGann | Sheena Wilkinson | Christodolous Makris | Suzanne Walsh | Nathan O’Donnell | Paul Perry | Susan McKay | Damian O’Donnell | Freya McClements | Declan Meade | Julia Churchill | Andre Streedt | Neil Belton | Sarah Bannan | Marcella Bannon | Jo Mangan | Michael O’Reilly


Is it pricey? Early bird tickets are €45 and general admission is €55. That includes free lunch of sandwiches and drinks reception. Group tickets for 3 cost €120 in total, so if you can encourage two more writer friends to join you, it’ll only cost €40 each. All tickets are sold through ILFDublin, click here.

What’s happening? Words Ireland @ ILFDublin: A National Day for Writers is a one-day get together for professional and emerging writers working in all forms. It takes place at IMMA, Dublin on Friday 25 May.

What is it, exactly? We’re building the ideal environment for you to gather together, reflect on your creative and professional practice, catch up with industry leaders and be inspired.

So what will happen on the day? There’ll be writer’s manifestos, lectures, and presentations from writers on their recent projects and collaborations. You’ll hear how your peers manage their time and workload, and develop opportunities for themselves at home and abroad. Opportunities to discuss and debate development and funding of literature in Ireland. Events that will help evolve your thinking on how words can be produced and performed on stage, and another that offers serious industry insight from publishers, agents, book sales analysts, etc.

What are the benefits? As well as informative, writer-focussed events, we’re gathering 40 literature organisations and lots of industry personnel together to meet writers in the Great Hall at IMMA. Grab a free tea/coffee and sit down with the people and organisations who regularly offer writers work.

How does it work? There are nine events to choose from on the day. Each is short and sweet, 50 minutes long. You’ll get to choose the events that are right for you on the day, then everyone sits in on the final keynote event. Finally, a drinks reception sponsored by Kinnegar Brewing!

Time Baroque Chapel Johnstone Room
10.30am Three Writers’ Manifestos Children’s Writers Confab
_ _
11.30am International Industry Insight How I Made This: Collaborations
_ _
12.30am Future of Writing Forum Producing the Word on Stage
1.30 LUNCH Complimentary lunch of sandwiches
2.30pm– 3.45 Your Writing Life – Home & Abroad How I Made This: Practice and Process
4.00pm Keynote Speaker
5.00pm Kinnegar Brewing Reception