My First Travel Writing

An exciting new journal sets sail – with diversity as its engine, travel the purpose and Amy Gigi Alexander as its Captain. Its called Panorama – The Journal of Intelligent Travel and you can read Amy’s Letter from the Editor in Chief.

Last night, people were evacuated from mine and nearby streets in Ardoyne because of a suspicious device. Families walking the streets. Helicopters buzzing overhead. I felt terrible for the elderly and sick but mostly for those poor kids who don’t know when the next time is coming and if next time will be a false alarm. Their first experience of all this crap that was my day-to-day life while I was growing up and at least for last night, mine again. I felt like a little boy once more.

You can read my first ever travel article about recently moving back home to Belfast here.

“I’ve moved back to Belfast, Northern Ireland. I left the family home for good when I was 19, left my city then too and eventually Northern Ireland altogether at 25. I knew I’d never go back. 20 odd years later I’ve returned home to live. OK, so, I’ve changed my mind—it’s allowed in some countries.”

Guter Junge

The Good Son now in German

The Good Son: Currently Shortlisted for The Polari Prize
Appearances: Cork International Short Story Festival, Sept 8,9,10
Berlin Literature Festival, Sept 15
Literaturhaus Koln, Sept 18
Kildare Readers Festival, Oct 15

2 thoughts on “My First Travel Writing

  1. Paul, your travelling home post was so poignant; it reminded me of my own childhood – although with different barriers. I know what it’s like to not feel safe where it ‘should’ feel safe – it was a very stimulating read. These explorations are so good for writing too aren’t they? Best Wishes.

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