Crossing Borders printed in Belfast Telegraph

My essay, commissioned by the Writers Centre Norwich for the International Literary Showcase ‘Crossing Borders’ was picked up by The Belfast Telegraph, Northern Ireland’s most popular newspaper. I  thought it was just online but was shocked and honoured to see they had included the whole thing over two pages in their print issue.

Belfast Telegraph

There has been a terrific response in the North and the South of Ireland and also in the rest of the UK.

I hope you can read it. Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Crossing Borders printed in Belfast Telegraph

  1. Hello Paul,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Crossing Borders piece. As someone raised in the South and moved to Edinburgh for past 25 years I find myself reflecting on my identity a lot. I recall my family hosting a young hurler for the Feile Na nGael once in the 80’s, he was from Armagh. It was much first encounter with a real person. In my experience, attitudes in Dublin were extremely insular, us against everywhere else. Myself and the young lad shared so much in common and you are right to say, in my opinion, the part that poverty and fears plays in life, it illuminate’s a sense of true reality, away from the political and media lens. I saw the person rather than the news. A human before a divide. That experience opened my eyes and my mind to a filtered education system and culture, one that marked my initial identity which is now wholly understood.

    Although I am Irish, its no longer that important to me as part of my identity. I suppose living in Edinburgh makes that easy. But what is important is providing my children with a holistic education and understanding of the diversity of people and systems, enriching the possibilities of their own identities. Something which I never experienced as a young person.

    I commend you on your writing and wish you well with your book.

    Kind regards…Alan.

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