The Good Son Reprint

Wonderful news. The Good Son is going into its third reprint. What with the Polari Prize win, the WHSmith Fresh Talent promotion and the inclusion World Book Night in April, we had to print more books. We could put all the good news, prizes and great new endorsements on the cover, the latest being from the amazing Johnathan Coe, author 11 novels including The Rotters’ Club and What a Carve Up!. Here it is in full.

“Paul McVeigh’s debut new novel is everything its fans say it is – funny, raw, sometimes distressing, always wonderfully entertaining. The young Mickey Donnelly is a superb creation, his thoughts and feelings bubbling onto the page in an immaculately-rendered voice, droll, cheeky and authentic. McVeigh renders a child’s view of a very adult nightmare with bewitching empathy. You will love every moment of it.”

You can see the new cover here. Exciting!


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