The Gloss Magazine Interview

Writer’s Block With Paul McVeigh – an interview with me in The Gloss Magazine.

I talk about The Good Son new writing projects, what I’m reading and places I’ve lived.

This is me on loving London…

“Above all, though, it was the lure of anonymity that attracted me to London. To go to a place where no-one knew you and you could be whoever you wanted to be. Who you were meant to be. Do whatever you wanted with whomever you wanted and where, marvellously, no-one gave a fiddler’s fook about you and your doings. I left London while I was still in love with it, knowing I’d always come back.”


New Book Cover

The Good Son: Winner of The Polari Prize
“One of the most engaging protagonists of the year” Lisa McInerney
“It’s a triumph of storytelling, an absolute gem.” Donal Ryan
“Funny, raw and endlessly entertaining.” Johnathan Coe



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