National Flash Fiction Day: My Aunt Maggie – 12hrs only!

Time up on this post…

To celebrate National Flash Fiction Day I am posting my flash ‘My Aunt Maggie’ here -until tomorrow only!

This piece was first published thanks to author Nuala Ní Chonchúir/O’Connor who chose it for print while guest editor of one of my favourite literary magazines, Ireland’s The Stinging Fly. It’s only available now behind their paywall.

Look out for the beautiful Northern Irish magazine Freckle later this year which is printing an unpublished flash I found in a clear out – it was where I got the end for The Good Son.

My Aunt Maggie

My Aunt Maggie’s house smells. Her breath does too. Her biscuits are always soggy and they’re never chocolate. That’s cuz she’s poor. She’s poorer than Colm Mulvenna in my class at school who only ever has sugar sandwiches for lunch every day…..


*My Aunt Maggie is also published in National Flash Fiction Day Anthology A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed.

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