‘Un bon garcon’ Shortlisted for French Award

“Paul McVeigh has written a first novel of beautiful generosity, poignant in the delicate manner in which he evokes the brutality of an era. A striking fresco, mixing historical upheavals and hardships of a family shattered.” Le Monde

Some exciting news. Un bon garcon has been shortlisted for the Prix du Roman Cezam Inter-CE in (you’ve guessed it) France. 10 books have been chosen and readers from all over France will vote for their favourites.

It’s great to know that readers in France have been reading Un bon garcon and enjoying it so much they’ve nominated it for this award.

So rub your rabbits foot, cross your fingers, say a prayer… what do the French do for luck? – and maybe I’ll be the winner.

Oh that gives me a thought…. to celebrate my shortlisting I’m giving away a copy of Un bon garcon. All you have to do is answer the question…

What do the French say is good luck if you do it with your left foot?

Write your answer below and I’ll pick a winner at random a week from today.





8 thoughts on “‘Un bon garcon’ Shortlisted for French Award

  1. Brilliant news – well done. I’m going to spread the word here in my little corner of France. The French “croisent les doigts” (keep their fingers crossed) and if they ‘marchent dans la merde’ (walk in shit) with their left foot, they get good luck.

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  2. Oui, oui, je le sais. Stepping in dog shit with the left foot is correct, and since I have two left feet I step in all the merde du chien I can see when in France and have to be the luckiest guy in Paris. Shouldn’t it be “Le Bon Fils” by the way? Well done, once again.

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