The Good Son on World Book Night 2017

Rentzenbrink, Marotta & McVeigh titles part of ‘more targeted’ World Book Night 2017

In 2015 The Good Son was on The Reading Agency’s staff picks for Books of the Year. Today it was announced in The Bookseller that The Reading Agency has chosen The Good Son to be part of World Book Night 2017.

It is such an honour and it’s also part of a sweet and incredible story. A couple of years ago I volunteered for World Book Night giving out copies of Jeanette Winterson’s memoir ‘Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal’. Who would have thought that just a few years later my own novel would be chosen as one of the books to be given out to readers nationally?

This also happened to me this year when The Good Son was chosen as Brighton’s City Reads after I had been a volunteer for them for a couple of years. Such a wonderful feeling. It’s the year of cosmic karma – but I’ve gotten so much more out of the deal! It proves something I’ve held close – give and you get 10 times more in return – it may not happen immediately but…. good things come…

New Book Cover

The Good Son: Winner of The Polari Prize
“One of the most engaging protagonists of the year” Lisa McInerney
“It’s a triumph of storytelling, an absolute gem.” Donal Ryan

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