The Good Son Chosen for Brighton’s City Reads

A few years ago I moved to Brighton. To get to know the city and throw myself back into writing I volunteered for a project called City Reads. The city-wide celebration of My Policeman by Bethan Roberts was so much fun. I gave out fliers, asked shops to put up posters, collected tickets on city walks and even acted in a play!


All those events were related to the book and I was struck by the inventiveness of City Reads and what an amazing job they did bringing the book to life.

Who would have thought that 4 years later it would be my book that would be chosen? You couldn’t write it. I’m overwhelmed. You can see the programme of events here. I can’t wait to get stuck in. There’s whiskey tasting, movie screenings, a quiz – and readings from me. That it will part of The Brighton Festival’s 50th anniversary is amazing.

Have a great day! I know I will.

City Reads

4 thoughts on “The Good Son Chosen for Brighton’s City Reads

  1. Thank you Paul for your wonderful book. The Good Son has transported me back to NI where I grew up. I know quite a few Mickey Donnellys from there. I just loved your local slang, some of which I haven’t heard for many years. I have to say, my favourite word is now ‘scundered’! I’m going to use it whenever and wherever I can. Wishing you every success and looking forward to meeting you on Sunday 😀 Bernie S.

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