Why not enter this short story contest? I’m judging!

I’m judging this short story competition alongside Laura Del-Rivo. You have until 31 August – here’s the details. Or click here.

For this new competition we’re taking inspiration from Arthur Rimbaud’s famous declaration ‘Je est un autre’ – ‘I is another’.

The task

We would like you to write a story in the first person about someone who is not you but which is about a subject close to year heart. Therefore the storyline will really matter to you but the story should not be autobiographical.

It should have a strong theme such as betrayal, sorrow, lust, jealousy or revenge and be under 2000 words.

Take your inspiration from:

Cathedral by Raymond Carver
Notes on Time by Laura Del-Rivo
Development by Karen Jennings

What is the prize?

The author of the winning short story will receive £200.

The winning short story and runners-up will be published in our online magazine.

The winner and runners-up will be announced at an awards ceremony in central London.

The Judges

Paul McVeigh and Laura Del-Rivo

Who can take part?

We accept stories from anywhere in the world but submissions have to comply with these guidelines:
The short story has to be written in English
Translations are not accepted
The short story should be 2000 words or less
The short story must be the original work of the entrant and must not have been previously awarded or published
You can only send in one short story per entrant
We only accept electronic (email) submissions
When is the closing date?

You can send in your entries from 1 February and the competition closes on 31 August 2015.

How to submit your entry

In order to enter the competition you have to email us: submissions@hollandparkpress.co.uk We regret that we cannot process entries that do not follow the guidelines set out below, so please read these instructions carefully.
The short story must be attached as a single Microsoft Word file
The Word file has to be named as follows: ddmmyy_firstnamesurname_another.doc, where ddmmyy is the date on which you send the email, firstname and surname are your names.
‘I is Another’ must appear in the subject line of the email
The body of the email should contain your contact details
Please do not add your name or contact details to the Word file attachment that contains your story
Good luck! We look forward to receiving your story.


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