Celebrating the German Translation of The Good Son

Paul McVeigh & Hans-Christian Oeser at Germany@Home

I will be reading in the series Germany@Home on 29th September 2017 at 19:00. The Goethe Institut Irland has invited me and my German translator to discuss the book in Dublin. Guter Junge is published in Germany by Wagenbach.

“McVeigh is writing with warmth and humor about a time of poverty and violence. His two translators Hans-Christian Oeser and Nina Frey were able to transfer this tone of voice wonderfully into the German translation.”

Admission is free, booking essential via Eventbrite: Paul McVeigh & Hans-Christian Oeser

Language: English
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Guter Junge

“Told vividly and with grim humour… McVeigh’s lush and, against all probability colourful novel from a black and white world bears the utopia that even in dark times, the hope can not be defeated.” Die Welt

Guter Junge – The Good Son, Germany

German Books Arrive

So the advance copies of Guter Junge (The Good Son German translation) have arrived at the offices of Wagenbach and are about to be sent out to reviewers and booksellers.

German Book 2

The English and French versions of the novel came out in paperback only so this is the first hardback edition of The Good Son and the first hardback of my work – ever. It’s the little firsts that give the most excitement.

Wagenbach brochure

My publishers seem to be as excited as I am as they’ve put the novel on the cover of their Autumn catalogue and produced thousands of postcards to send around bookshops all over  Germany. there are 3 which have different quotes from the book.

Bochure 2

Inside, there’s a great, big spread of the brilliant photo taken by Roeloff Bakker who is also a writer. You should check him out.

Brouchure 3

There’s also a short interview. All of this at the front of the catalogue too. I’ve been invited  over to The Berlin International Literature Festival to read from the novel and I can’t wait.

More news soon…