Translated into Turkish

I’m  very excited that a short fiction of mine “Dig” has been translated in Turkish by Cihan Akkartal for Altzine – a Turkish literary magazine. To read click onto the site – the first box is for your email, the second is the capthca, so just fill in what you see and you can download it.

I went to Turkey earlier this year with The British Council as part of the Authors Meet programme. I visited Izmir and Istanbul and met the magazine’s editor Su Basbugu while there. I hope you enjoy the story and read the rest of the magazine.

altZine Yaz 2016

This flash fiction Dig first appeared, in English, in Unbraiding the short story – an anthology of the authors attending The 13th International Conference on the Short Story which I attended in Vienna, in 2014. This translation was commissioned by MF Opowiadania – Int. Short Story Festival where I read in Wroclaw, in 2015.

Unbraidng Cover