Wonderful Found Review of The Good Son. Thanks Nuala.

There I was minding my own business when author Nuala O’Connor (her new novel Miss Emily getting wonderful reviews here and in the US) dropped a note to say that she’d seen a wonderful review of The Good Son in Books Ireland. She took some pics of it and emailed it to me. It is a rather fantastic review and made me very happy. Nuala mentioned she has missed reviews in the past and this was the second time that week I’d been sent a review I’d missed (the other being Novel of the Week in The Tablet).

Here’s a quote from this stunning review and you can read the whole thing on these pics from Nuala.

‘The Good Son’ is a hard-hitting, at times harrowing, but ultimately captivating and transformative tale – a story that will leave an indelible imprint on its reader.’ Books Ireland


What a fantatsic review.

What a fantatsic review.

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